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Melting Hydrogen Storage Alloys

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Cold and hot exchange system

Compoundedm of High malleability magnesium alloy

Technologies Transfer

High Ductility LZ91 Mg alloy:

Green material LZ91 Mg alloy possesses outstanding physical and mechanical properties, such as high thermal conductivity, EMI shielding, high damping capacity, low density, high stiffness, etc. LZ91 Mg alloy have the lowest density in metal construction materials, therefore they usually show high ratio of strength/weight. But commercial LZ91 Mg alloy have poor formability, because their elongation is low at room temperature. Traditionally, LZ91 Mg alloy parts are fabricated either by expensive die-casting process or high temperature die forming. HyTeC had disclosed a new material - high ductility LZ91 Mg alloy. Because of lithium adding, HyTeC's LZ91 Mg alloy became a dual phase alloy. Its mechanical properties are: 150Mpa strength and 40% elongation, which are 50% and 300% higher than ones for the commercial Mg-alloy AZ31, respectively. The physical properties thermal conductivity and specific heat are increasing and density is reducing. In other words, HyTeC high ductility LZ91 Mg alloy not only possesses the physical properties of commercial Mg-alloy, but also enhances its mechanical strength and formability.

It must be noted, that the thermal conductivity and the specific heat of the alloy was increased while the density was reduced.